Reiki Imports

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Your company has the necessary guidance to make the international trade safe, with Reiki Imports Trading

We provide the following services:

  • Foreign trade advice and consultancy
  • Foreign suppliers prospection;
  • Tax classification of goods and price formation;
  • Trading feasibility study;
  • Issue of documents required by Brazil’s legislation;
  • customs clearance
  • Freight forwarding
  • Exchange closing
  • Logistics
  • Storage and transport

Third Party Import Accounts

Third party importation order is a form of outsourcing in foreign trade and Reiki Imports acts as the importer, promoting the importartion on the customers behalf, with the client only being purchaser of the goods using its own resources to promote customs clearance of the goods. The main objective is to reduce the cost through a directed logistics to each client and using the tax benefits that only a trading features.

Imports Demand:

The custom import is also a form of outsourcing in foreign trade. In this type of operation, the client called the ordering party, Who is interested in certain goods, hires Reiki Importas as an importer to this, with its own resources, Reiki Imports carries out the goods’s importation. By previously signed contract, Reiki Imports resells the goods to your company.

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