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A Reiki Imports Trading is a foreign trade company that enables international operations for companies, offering a differentiated service on the market, with new ideas and solutions for your business. We operate with excellency and quality in the consulting and advisory Field. Foreign Trade prioritizing service and customer’s satisfaction.

Why Reiki?

You may find our name exotic, and it is. However, it was not chosen by chance. Reiki is a Japanese technique, whose symbol is the bamboo, a plant characterized by simplicity, strength, righteousness in path and perfection. It grows to protrude upward represents our evolution towards our goals. Based on these concepts, Reiki offers the best services when it comes to major international trading activities, providing practical, innovative and specific solutions for your business,always fully respecting the particularities and cultures.

Our mission

We strive for customer satisfaction and ensuring a service with excellence, We enable the import and export activities through tax incentives and tax breaks promoting the reduction of operating costs for our clients.

Our vision

To be recognized in the foreign trade market as a solid and reliable company.

Our values

Market commitment with our mission and vision and working with transparency with our customers and partners.

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